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Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe Technology (Shanxi) Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhong Development Zone, Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, factory covering an area of 333,000 square meters and is conveniently located adjacent to Taiyuan Wusu International Airport, Shi-Tai Expressway and Da-Yun Expressway. The company is committed to the research, development, manufacturing and selling pipes and fittings used for energy engineering including nuclear power, thermal power, petroleum, coal, chemical engineering and natural gas, etc. Our pipes and fittings are high performance, have high corrosion resistance, can be used to convey gases and liquids, conveying resources related to urban drinking water, food sanitation, pharmaceuticals, the electronics industry, environmental engineering, biological engineering, marine engineering and ultra-Cyrogenic engineering and so on. Our pipes and fittings are resistant to high temperatures and pressures and are perfect for use with mechanical structure, boilers, heat exchangers, condensers.

Complete specifications

With the continuous development of oil and gas resources in the world, there are less and less oil and gas with high purity in shallow layer, and more and more deep oil and gas fields with high corrosion environment, such as high sulfur, chloride and CO2, which are more and more difficult to develop. Therefore, the development and production of highly corrosion-resistant oil well tubing and casing pipe is the key factor to promote their development.

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Oil and Natural Gas

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In the petroleum and chemical industry, the refining and ethylene sub-industry is the most closely applied with stainless steel pipes, which is characterized by extremely high requirements for the safety and reliability of supporting products, strong product process-ability and supporting nature, involving a wide range of varieties and specifications. Among them, the conveying pipeline has high requirements for the corrosion resistance of the product, and at the same time needs to have a superior pressure bearing amplitude to adapt to a wide range of high and low temperature conditions.

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Chemical Engineering

Serving the world and Contributing to society

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “Serving the world and Contributing to society", implements the development concepts of innovation, coordination, greentech, open-minded and mutual-share to build the most globally competitive stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprise with advanced manufacturing technology and capacity advantages.


Address:No.7, Huitong Industrial Park, Jinzhong Development Zone, Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, Jinzhong, Shanxi, China

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