Oil and Natural Gas

Oil and natural gas is not only an important consumer goods related to the national economy and people's livelihood, but also an important strategic material of a country. Ensuring adequate supply of oil and gas is of great significance to a country's economic development and national security.

With the continuous development of oil and gas resources in the world, there are less and less oil and gas with high purity in shallow layer, and more and more deep oil and gas fields with high corrosion environment, such as high sulfur, chloride and CO2, which are more and more difficult to develop. Therefore, the development and production of highly corrosion-resistant oil well tubing and casing pipe is the key factor to promote their development.

Ship and marine engineering

Marine engineering equipment is the prerequisite and foundation of the development of marine economy.In the core link of the marine industry value chain, it is also an important direction for high -end equipment manufacturing.In the future, the development direction of marine pipe materials to transport liquid hydrogen sulfide, duplex steel, super duplex steel, and higher levels of corrosion resistance alloy;The water treatment system, water supply system, fire protection system, and water spraying system of the maritime drilling platform are all advantages in the application of stainless steel welded pipes.

Equipment manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing is widely used in important areas such as petrochemical and new energy.Product performance is completely applicable to various operating conditions, and stainless steel pipelines play an important role in equipment manufacturing.

Clean energy

Nuclear power, as an economic, safe, stable, sustainable and clean energy, and thermal power, hydroelectric power together constitute three pillars of world power. In recent years, the development and application of nuclear energy in China has developed rapidly and is leading the construction and development of nuclear power in the world. Stainless steel welded pipes are mainly used for auxiliary exchanger, feed water heater tube, main pipe line and cooling water piping and so on. As an emerging energy source, PV has gradually gained more recognition for commercial promotion with the development of technology in recent years. Polycrystalline silicon is the main component of photovoltaic (solar) cells.


In recent years, our country's scientific research investment in the biochemical industry was increased year by year. Breakthroughs have been achieved in the fields of directional transformation of bio-catalysts, large-scale bio-catalysis technology systems, bio-materials, and bio-energy. It has effectively driven the development and innovation of biotechnology and chemical production technology, which produced huge economic and social benefits, and also put forward strict requirements for stainless steel pipes.

Chemical Engineering

China's petrochemical industry has developed rapidly, 10 million tons of oil refining, million tons of ethylene and other projects have made breakthrough progress in the localization of complete sets of equipment, some technologies and equipment have reached the world's advanced level, bringing huge development space for the domestic stainless steel pipe industry in petrochemical use.

In the petroleum and chemical industry, the refining and ethylene sub-industry is the most closely applied with stainless steel pipes, which is characterized by extremely high requirements for the safety and reliability of supporting products, strong product process-ability and supporting nature, involving a wide range of varieties and specifications. Among them, the conveying pipeline has high requirements for the corrosion resistance of the product, and at the same time needs to have a superior pressure bearing amplitude to adapt to a wide range of high and low temperature conditions.


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