A letter of thanks from the National Nuclear Demonstration Power Station!

Recently, Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe Technology (Shanxi) Co., Ltd has successfully completed the processing and supply of condensate treatment pipes for the " National Nuclear No. 1 Demonstration Project".

" National Nuclear No. 1 Demonstration Project" is one of our country's 16 major scientific and technological projects. It represents the advanced level of the world's third-generation nuclear power technology, and it is the latest achievement in nuclear power technology research and development and industrial innovation.

There are high requirements for stainless steel pipelines in nuclear power product. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the raw material logistics transfer cycle has become longer. At the same time, National Nuclear Demonstration Power Station proposed that the schedule is tight and the product delivery needs to be completed as soon as possible. After receiving customer’s requirement, Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe urgently organized production technicians to conduct the research on process plans, strengthened on-site tracking, coordinated the progress of order delivery, completed the delivery tasks which is satisfied for the standard quality and quantity. We provided favorable guarantee for the progress of the project construction on schedule. National Nuclear Demonstration Power Station expresses its heartfelt thanks for the strong support given by Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe!

Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe Technology (Shanxi) Co., Ltd adheres to the business philosophy of "serving the world and contributing to society", implements the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, and uses advanced manufacturing technology and production capacity advantages to build a global competitiveness of stainless steel pipe manufacturing enterprise.

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