Strengthen Usual Emergency Drills, Enhance Capabilities of Actual Rescue

In order to enhance employees’ awareness of safe operation of lifting, and effectively improve the company’s emergency response capabilities for mechanical injury accidents, our company carried out emergency drills for lifting machinery accidents cooperated with the Development Zone Bureau of Jinzhong City Market Supervision Bureau.

Mr. Wang , deputy director of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, Mr. Zhang , a first-level investigator of the Jinzhong Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and relevant personnel from the lifting enterprises went to the site to observe and guide.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Kang introduced and explained the company’s relevant situation and drill scenes: When two employees in the blanking section of the production workshop used the crane tool spreader to lift the plate in the plate area, the hook slipped off and the plate fell. The company’s emergency response procedures need to be initiated and report to the company’s leadership to initiate an emergency plan.

After the on-site commander received the report, the emergency teams immediately rushed to the scene for disposal in accordance with the requirements of the plan content, and carried out actual drills through procedures such as rescue, emergency evacuation, security arrangements, on-site ambulance, and communication. Through the careful organization and close cooperation of the teams, the exercise was highly praised and affirmed. The drill process was well prepared, the procedures were smooth, and the organization was orderly. This exercise achieved a complete success.

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